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Downloading geocache details page to PDA


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Use this application to clip information from the cache pages at Geocaching.com, formatted for the MemoPad application of your Palm.


The cache information will be cleaned up, and formatted to read nice in MemoPad. The content will be truncated to 4k, so it will fit one memo.


License to use is hereby granted to the GeoCaching community, released to the public domain.



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I know, Palm's are more popular, or just better recognized, but I sure wish that I could find a way to download cache pages to my WinCE-app'd Compaq Ipaq 3635...


She is so beautiful, with her colorful little face and her sweet, quiet little chime...


Oh man, yes, I'll go to bed now.



Lori aka: RedwoodRed


"I don't get lost, I investigate alternative destinations."

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