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access with web tv

Guest Captain Kidd

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Guest Captain Kidd

My sister lives in Tuscon,AZ and I sent her the link to this web site and it says she can't have access. I always thought this to be a family type web site.

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Guest xanthari

It may be that WebTV is doing something odd. They tend to do that. They have thier own standards for html for some reason. I stopped trying to design pages that would work on WebTV it just didnt seem to be worth the hassle.

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Guest jeremy

Weird. We have webtv folks who play. What is the problem?


I don't think I'm intentionally alienating webtv folks. Perhaps on a subconscious level. (just kidding).



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Guest wtmrn

My web tv works just fine ,in fact i find the browser a better web surfing tool than the computer in most cases. Works really well with buxleys site also.

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Guest arffer

Running an ISP myself, we are very use to hearing error messages from users that have been 'personalized' by the user beyond recognition. The reported error message of

...and it says she can't have access.
could very well simply be a generic error message resulting from a simple typo when entering the URL.


Just a thought...


[This message has been edited by arffer (edited 25 July 2001).]

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