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Reminder for caching with kids

Nurse Dave
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Reading a logs on a cache here in Oregon there was a person who found vitamin E looking pills and a white pill in the bottom of the cache. They stopped their child before she ate one of the pills. Just a reminder that really anyone has access to these caches and anything could be inside of one. I think it is important to let kids look for them, but not open them.


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I appreciate it when I see a log that says that the person has removed something inappropriate from a cache. We do watch our kids, and open the caches ourselves. I think that advice is good.


However, there are times when one's distracted for some reason (like a mosquito is trying to land) and a child can get something they aren't supposed to have. Having other cachers remove inappropriate things is a big help.


I have to say I wonder what was going through the head of the person who left the pills in the cache.



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