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More ideas of what to leave at a cache

Guest zeta

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The log book (both online and at the cache) is a great way to leave a personal record of those that find a cache. Some sites also have disposable cameras to take pictures of the people that found the cache. What do you think about post cards?


Someone gets a postcard from the area near where the cache is and fills it out with his name/address and puts postage on it (remember rates are going up this month in the US). For example, a post card of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for a site which over looks the bridge.


Then they write their name, the cache name, location, and date and leave it in the cache.


Someone later visits the cache and follows the normal routine (write in the log, take something, leave something, etc) plus takes the postcard.


That person visits a second cache and writes their name, the 2nd cache name and location, and date, and leaves the postcard at that cache.


This would proceed until there is only room for the last person to write their name and date (maybe their city/state if it isn't near the cache), and drops it in the mail.


When the first person gets it back, they could scan it and let us see where the post card travelled.


It might also be good to leave the city/state/country of the person finding the cache, so we can see how far they travelled to find the cache.


This could be a really fun addition for those with children that bring them on the hunt. The postcard could be "from" a child, and addressed to the child, so when it comes back the family could get together and see how far the postcard travelled.


What do you think?

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