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In addition to SwapNet mentioned above, there is also: http://www.waypoint.org/


The government databases, which I believe are the basis for many of the points of interest from Garmin, Magellen, Topographix, etc. can actually be downloaded raw from:






(The last one is a couple million waypoints, nation wide).


But, the data needs fudging (often in different map datums, etc.).


You can search most of it online, and pretty much cleaned up at my web site http://www.lostoutdoors.com But, the search choices are extremely limited (basically, it is OK for finding something you know the name of).


Craig, at my office, whipped together a Visual Basic app test test some ActiveX controls we have for generating aerial and topo maps, upload/download waypoints, etc. It actually includes a pretty comprehensive online GNIS search (you can filter, just ask for all visible on the current map, etc.) The app is just a sample, but it is free and can be downloaded at: http://www.etree.com/tech/notsofreestuff/maptools/vbsample.html


Good Luck,


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