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Guest BigDoggie

A cheap way to get your cache pictures on-line...

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Guest BigDoggie

A cheap way to get pictures on-line...


I recently signed up for a nice on-line film processing service. I have now sent four orders through them, and I have been quite pleased.


Here's the site:








And here's the the way they describe the deal:




We'll develop your 35mm film, send you back prints and negatives, and put your photos online for easy sharing with family & friends.


From each roll you send us, you get:


A full set of prints on Kodak paper

plus your negatives

plus FREE online photo albums

plus FREE email photo sharing with family and friends

plus easy and affordable reprint ordering


We'll develop your first 3 rolls FREE ? all you pay is $1.99 per roll for shipping and handling of your prints and negatives. After your first 3 rolls, you pay just $1.99 per roll for developing and prints plus $1.99 per

roll for shipping & handling




More on how the on-line part of it works:


Each roll you have developed is scanned in and posted on the site as an ?album?. You review the album. Delete the shots you don?t like. Create a new on-line album with shots you like (from multiple rolls, if you wish). Add text captions to any or all pix. When you are satisfied with the revised album, you can make that album public and post a link to the album. Then anyone can use the link to visit and view the album. (Albums that you have not explicitly SHARED are private and password-protected.)


You can also right-click and save-picture-as to get a web-quality digital image of your


Is this made-to-order for posting the cache log photos, or what?


Plus, you can order reprints & enlargements on-line, edit the pix (remove redeye, crop, etc), download hi-rez images and more (all for a fee, natch!). Ordering reprints without having to take in the negatives would be worth it all by itself.


Plus it is cheap... $2 each for the first 3 rolls, $4 thereafter.


Anyway, check it out.


(I have no affiliation with these people other than being a satisfied customer.)

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Guest cache_ninja

have you used this yet? ive been using snapfish for quite awhile, great service for very cheap. ,i dont think you can right-click and save as jpg. try it and lemme know. not in your photo album anyway. to get around this, just do a screen capture and cut out the stuff you dont want in photoshop etc. real easy.


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Guest BigDoggie

Yes, I have four albums on line right now (non-geocaching stuff) and two more rolls in the mail to them.


When you are in the slideshow mode, looking at the pix one at a time, YES, you can right-click and choose "Save picture as". Snapfish suggests a huge. long alpha-numeric name, which you can change in the save window to "john_and_marcy.jpg" or whatever.


And, when in the thumbnail view of the album, you can also save the individual thumbnail pix.


In either of these views, you can click on VIEW, then SOURCE, and you can then pick out the full snapfish URLs for the pix. Cutting and pasting these URLs lets you view the pix in a browser window by themselves.


YOu can, apparently, view the images this way even after you have logged out of the snapfish account and closed that browser window. I don't know for how long, though... maybe indefinately.

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Guest BigDoggie

Just got my second order in the mail and on-line. I remain a satisfied customer.



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