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traveling cache?

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So there's something I don't understand...




It's listed as a traveling cache.. but it's not a cache. It's a stuffed duck. Isn't that, er, a travel bug without tags? It'll never have coordinates of its own, or be hunted on its own, since it will always be inside another cache. I don't understand, then, why it's listed as a 'cache.'


Is there a "traveling cache" category? Is this usually what it means? I finally got my head around virtual and locationless caches, but this is a new one for me.

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Here's another one:


When you find it, you have the option of taking it and stashing it in a new location as long as you post it online soon enough and you keep within a certain area. I believe you can claim it as a 'Find' over and over again if it's been relocated since the last time you visited it. I don't know how successful it's been, and haven't gotten around to hunting for it yet myself. I did notice that several people seem content just to find it and leave it where it is.


- Genius Loci ('the guardian spirit of a place')

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