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Cache owner liability

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Thought I'd throw this one out there...


Are cache owners included in this statement?

I am assuming that "cache owners" are synonymous with "website authors"...


Is this a fair assumption?, or should I consider adding an additional disclaimer to each of my cache pages. I'm not a lawyer, just was wondering what everyone's thoughts were whether this needs to be defined as cache-owners and not "website authors".



email: ddougmacusa@aol.com


>By reading and utilizing the GPS clues posted on >this web site, you acknowledge the above >conditions, and accept responsibility for your >own actions, and agree to hold non-liable the GPS >cache sponsors, website authors, and further, >agree to provide this disclaimer to any person >with whom you share these GPS cache locations.

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Disclaimer: You are under no obligation to hunt my cache. You do so at your own risk. Like any outdoor sport, it carries the risk of unforeseen hazards. Use your best judgment with the environment and conditions. As conditions and cache locations may vary, it is the responsibility of the searcher to be familiar with the conditions in the area to be searched, to adequately prepare for those conditions, and to conduct oneself safely and responsibly and remain within his or her personal abilities and limitations. Children should be well supervised. When and if you find a cache, you are under no obligation to touch it, reach it, climb to it, dig for it, pick it up, or even open it. Open it at your own risk. If food or drink is present, do not consume it, throw it out. Individual Geostash and GPS cache sponsors assume no liability for events, which may occur, related directly or indirectly to your searching for a stash.

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