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Guest rick315

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Guest rick315

a friend fwded this to me, i thought i'd post it, i have no opinions on it either way, i don't even own a garmin gps, but i thought some people might be interested in the info


From: "Mary Sanders"

Subject: Fw: Mapsource: Download or receive the cracksource protest

Hi Mapsourcer:



(use this method for complet your collection, for several programs, the time

of download is very high)

Visit www.neo-modus.com download and install the program, Search the

nickname "cracksource_makers" in "THE 420 HUB", and you can see the list

of programs. Download it

The system Has been tested and work fine, all programs are avalaibles


Warning: In this hub you must shared 1Gb of information, (Maybe

the cracksource affter download???)

The trafic in this system is very High, If you can't connect be patient,...



If you can't download it, (slow connection, time,...) NO PROBLEM...

We send you by mail this programs FREE. (We prefer that you download,

please, use this system only how last resource)

- Cracksource European R&R: (Worldmap, Usa Waterways, R&R Austria, R&R Benelux,

R&R France, R&R Germany, R&R Italy, R&R Spain, R&R Switzerland,

R&R UK, Support and Manual)1 Cd

- Cracksource European MG: (MG Austria, MG Benelux, MG France, MG

Germany, MG Italy,MG Spain, MG Sweden/Denmark, MG Switzerland, MG UK, Support and Manual) 1 Cd

- Cracksource USA & Canada. (R&R USA, R&R Canada, MG Canada, Support & manual) 1 Cd

- Cracksource MG USA, 2 Cds

- Cracksource USA Topo 3 Cds


Send Us the Blank Cds and an envelope with your adress for sending later to


APDO 260

48080 - BILBAO


Also you can send what considers exactly to cover the shipping expenses

If you don't want send the Cds, envelope,.. In alternative you can

send what considers exactly to cover the Cds, and shipping expenses

(the low cost that you find in your city)

Affter this we send you by mail the Cds in a short time for arrival order.

1,2, 3 Cd are labeled and shiping in a plastic folder with instructions

The complete collection is labeled too, but it is shiping in a Plastic box


For any questions, sugestions, comments, email us mary_sanders@gmx.net


Cracksource makers

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