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Need input regarding multi-cache

Guest tnunnery

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Guest tnunnery

Hi all! I have placed a new cache and am in the process of building the rest of the info for the "multi" part of the cache. This will be a "find the numbers and plug 'em in" type hunt in several very historic areas.


Instead of giving all of the locations specifically ("go to Nxx xx.xxx Wyy yy.yyy and record the date") I wanted to have the cacher get the information from a park brochure. This way, it would be more flexible and interesting because I could say "Go to the place where the ghost lives" which would be included in the text of the brochure.


The question: would it be sufficient to upload a jpg, PDF and/or Word document of the brochure to the cache page in the photo section? The brochures are available at one stage along the cache route but the bin for them is sometimes empty. I have not seen this done on other caches except for one which allowed cachers to download a cache completion certificate.


Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions or questions.



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Guest c.mathis

Originally posted by tnunnery:

The question: would it be sufficient to upload a jpg, PDF and/or Word document of the brochure to the cache page in the photo section?


A PDF sounds like a great idea. If you have web space, you might consider letting people download the file from your server rather than geocaching.com's.


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Guest BGSkierNC

I did a multi cache in Andrew Jackson State Park in SC recently. Each cache had a question about Jackson and (A) or (:) answers, where each answer had coords. Well, our group got the second question wrong and those coords took us to the park informational sign/display that had the correct answer. Good thing we wrote down each question and every answer before leaving that leg of the cache. ;-) I thought this "wrong-answer-leads-you-to-the-correct-answer" method was good, because it didn't send you on a wild goose chase in unfamiliar territory (like maybe the "Quicksand pit", or something unsafe like that). Of course, this method may only be good for "easy" multi caches. Personally, I think multi-caches are more challenging and my geocaching buddies and I are currently researching up some riddles and logic questions for a mentally challenging multi-cache.

Happy Hunting!


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Guest coralgeo

" TARGET=_blank>http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=4095 called For Your Eyes Only (a James Bond theme). While we put the clues in text format into the geocaching details page, raygun_88 also created a pdf document that is downloadable from his personal website (so as not to tie up Jeremy's server). The pdf is the original 'spy document' and lends a bit of reality to the 'game'. You could easily do this same thing for the park brochure. In addition to the pdf, we did upload photos to Jeremy's server that have to be printed out and used in solving some of the clues. Look for a Part 2 to this multi-cache in the near future, which will summarize and provide closure to the 'mission'.




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