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Playing with the geo-logo?


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This morning I came up with a cartoony image in my mind - involving the Groundspeak logo - which just absolutely cracked me up. icon_smile.gif


I simply MUST get my cartoonist friend to draw it! Offer him a pizza bribe. Yeah, that's the ticket... I will have a funny Groundspeak cartoon soon!


However, what happens to me if I scan and post it so other people can grin too? Legally, I mean? It's a cool parody, and it shares a real feeling we *all* share as geocachers... but logos are to be protected, right?


The thing is... I will NOT make and sell t-shirts of the cartoon image, nor bumperstickers, nor try to make any money from it... just post the thing on my website to share. As designed, it will fall under the parody catagory, which I think may make it legally OK... but before I do anything, better that I ask thems in charge. What is it that I should know or be warned about here?


So what's the cartoon you ask? I won't describe it... I don't want to ruin the joke in advance in case it's OK to post. icon_smile.gif


-Elana (falcospav)

(reply to geo@dreamcircle.com the falcospav address is a spamtrap)


"Defenestrate XP!"

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"Playing with the geo-logo" icon_confused.gif


Is that a euphemism for something? icon_razz.gif


The banana is playing with his geo-logo... better than me playing with my banana, I suppose. icon_eek.gif Well, by changing the banana and putting a GX logo coin in his hand, I suppose I did play with my banana.


Don't mind me... I'm bored.


The Toe Pages


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Send a preview of the cartoon to the Admin. dept. and Jeremy. Humbly ask permission to post it. The worst that can happen is they'll say NO. On the other hand, they could laugh thier *sses off, and give you permission. It doesn't hurt to ask.




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It's the FLING itself.



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