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Guest Cybo

Which Garmin??

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Guest Cybo

Which Garmin Should I Get? I Live In Canada, Are There Any Maps For Canada? Also, I Plan To Go GeoCaching AND Use It On The Road, So I Need A Map For Canada.


Also, Is It Hard To Use Average The Waypoint?

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Guest suntzu

I have a Garmin GPS 12. I love it. easy to use, and have been able to find caches easily. P.S. It has an averaging feature too.

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Guest mcb

I just got a GPSMAP 76 and love it. It has a WAAS capable GPS receiver and 8 MB of map memory.


Garmin sells a Metro/Road and Recreation for Canada check it out and see if it will cover what you want.




Since this is a Metro and Roads and Recreation CD I would suggest a unit compatable with metro:



eTrex Vista

eTrex Legend



The Street pilot series is also good but I don't think these would be good for geocaching. I would down load the manual for the above units and give them a quick look through.



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Guest BGSkierNC

Try these sources for Cananda maps. I haven't used them, so I cannot comment on the service.



Navitrack; 905-842-1553; http://www.navitrak.com

Navitrak produces Canadian mapping products.

Along with many other mapping devices.


SoftMap Technologies; 418-523-2444 http://www.softmaptechnologies.com

SoftMap Technologies specializes in digital maps for CANADA.

They have a small selection right now, but have great

plans to cover the entire country.

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Guest lhbadman

Dittos on Suntzu- I too have a Garmin 12, which I've come to trust far more than some of the new spiffy $99 models... spend a little more, get a little more!

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