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76S - Best way to "true-up" waypoints

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I have a Garmin 76S, and I've been very impressed with it's features - especially when you add a competent software to the mix. But here's my problem:


I uploaded some waypoints from the TOPO software into my gpsr. But, once i got to the waypoint (a cabin in my case), the actual cabin was just down the road a bit from where my gpsr said it was. Not to be unexpected I guess, I had marked the waypoint in the TOPO software, based on some roads....so I knew it would not be dead on.


Sooooo, what is the best way to get my Garmin to edit my waypoint to the true location? I could add a second waypoint, and delete the first - but that seems wasteful. I could edit the coordinates on the existing waypoint - but that would take a lot of back-and-forth on the menus, cuz I can't remember all those dang numbers.






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Guess I'm not sure what it is you are trying to do, but you can mark the actual location at the actual location with your GPS by holding down for a few seconds to mark it and then hit again to save the waypoint.


If you are trying to get it onto the pc topo also, than you should be able to to the topo. These mapping programs are not dead on, so trying to do it like you said they will be off. A better way might be if you have an option to enter numeric coordinates into you pc topo program, that may be a bit more accurate.




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I have a Garmin Vista. ANd the way I do what I think you want to do is as follows. Once I'm standing at the actual location, I call that waypoint up. ON the menu feature for the waypoint is a feature called Reposition. When you press that, the waypoint will automatically chande the poriginally stored cordinates to where you are standing -the actual location.


Hope this helps.



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Alan is on the right track.


The waypoint in question is already in my gps unit (it got there from a pc download using TOPO software). The issue is how to re-position that waypoint to the exact location once in the field.


I don't believe the 76S has a "reposition" feature. Am I wrong in that assumption?




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Originally posted by Ericgps:

On the Garmin GPSMAP76S I believe the "reposition" fuction is called "Average Location". Once you select a waypoint hit the menu button and it is the top selection in the menu. This is with version 3.20 firmware.


EricGPS icon_smile.gif


You're correct. When I mark a waypoint either through Mapsource or getting address coordinates off the internet, the actual coordinates may be off (especially internet address coordination). When I actually get to the waypoint, I select the waypoint icon off my map page by moving the arrow on the icon and hitting enter.


Once on the waypoint page, hit the menu button and then 'average location'. That will aquire your current location and overwrite your original coordinates.


Presto, you've updated the coord's.


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EricGPS icon_smile.gif

Once on the waypoint page, hit the menu button and then 'average location'. That will aquire your current location and overwrite your original coordinates.QUOTE]


I'm not so sure. While you may be right, the average location feature will average a series of readings. If your original coordinate is way off, I would think that it would cause the average of the correct readings to be off. For example, you want to move a coordinate that is 1,000 feet away to your present position. Averaging that with one correct reading would average a new position 500 feet away. The more correct readings would average you closer to the correct positions. All that being said, I'd just take a new coordiante and take the time to change the icon and waypoint description.


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