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How do I get em to talk?


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See what protocol you are using with your Etrex. If you are using a Garmin protocol (the default for the garmin units) you may have to change your computer software protocol to whatever the Sporttrac Pro uses

NMEA is a common universal protocol but Magellan may have another protocol that accesses more of your Sportrac Pro features...


You can find the protocol in use under the menu settings somewhere under setup...


It is possible the Sportrac Pro might have defaulted to "none" for the protocol, which means it wont even try to communicate.

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What software are you trying to use? Possibly the settings within the software need to be changed. Garmin and Magellan both have proprietary formats that are incompatible and the software needs to be using the correct one. Or using a common format like NMEA.


Another thing to consider is that no other programs are running that use the serial port. For some reason many programs won't relinquish access to the port even if they're not actively using it. So the port may be blocked.


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