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Guest Rubbertoe

Question about GPS 315 "track" and "route"

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Guest Rubbertoe

I've been playing with ExpertGPS and some other waypoint management software, and I've noticed that you can plan a route as either a track or a route.


Now, I know the 315 has a limit of like 20 or 30 waypoints per route... but what limits does the track have?


I'm assuming when they say you can upload a preplanned route as a "track" that it means it will show up as a plotted track, just as if you had just travelled it. So, what I'm wondering, how many "waypoints" can be in each track?


I'd think it'd be a ton, since every twist and turn you make is recorded on the plotter - and each of those changes in direction would have to have some sort of indicating marker.


So, anyone know if there is a limit on track length? By either time or distance or amount of turns or anything.


Any info is appreciated.



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Guest topografix

The number of track points varies with each GPS model, but you should be able to send 1000-2000 track points to your GPS.


I use this feature to send complete trail maps to my GPS. I trace out trails on the topo maps in ExpertGPS, and then send them to my eTrex Venture, which can hold and display 10 tracks at a time.


Dan Foster

TopoGrafix: GPS Software, Maps, and Waypoints


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