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Guest Rubbertoe

ExpertGPS looks pretty good...

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Guest Rubbertoe

I'm to the point now, where I want to get a good mapping program to use with my Mag 315... and so far I've tried two of them.


First, I tried the free GPS Trackmaker program... worked nicely, but you had to hunt down and import your own maps, which is a bit of a pain in the arse. Also, the tracks didn't quite seem to match, probably because of different datum and coordinate math or something. *shrug*


Then I tried ExpertGPS - and it seems to work perfectly. I took a quick on the bike ride down the street a couple miles, then over one street, and back up to the apartment - and the track as plotted on ExpertGPS was nearly 100% accurate.


( http://www.bigfoot.com/~rbatina/gps )


NOW - my only concern with ExpertGPS, is that the map segments are pulled to the PC from an online source... and I'm not sure what that source is.


I mean, does the map data come directly from the makers of the software, or does it rely on Microsoft's TerraServer or any other online mapping programs.


I guess why I worry, is because if I have a mapping program that I buy on a CD (or CDs) - I know I will always have any data I need. But relying on someone/somewhere to be there (on the net) whenever I need map bits downloaded from the net, makes me a bit nervous.


Picture it this way - if you had the chance to buy a case of Hershy bars for $10, all at once... and someone offered to just send you Hershy bars when you requested them for the same price - which would you be more tempted to choose?


But dadgum... ExpertGPS seems to work so well. I wish Delorme Street Atlas had a trial version online so I could get a few more apps under my belt.


Any input is appreciated, especially from any ExpertGPS people lurking around the forums here. icon_smile.gif

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Guest Rubbertoe

On that same note... I just looked at the product description for PanTerra, and it also mentions that it has options for viewing topo, street, & satellite maps.


So, without having to download PanTerra too, does ExpertGPS do much that PanTerra doesn't?


The man of a million questions..



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Guest topografix

overlay your GPS data.


I'm still looking for some geocachers to be featured in user profiles for the ExpertGPS or EasyGPS websites. If you're using either of these programs for geocaching, and would be interested in letting us interview you for the website, send an e-mail to profiles @ topografix.com




Dan Foster

TopoGrafix: GPS Software, Waypoints, and Maps


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Guest Prime Suspect

Originally posted by topografix:

ExpertGPS gets its data directly from Microsoft's TerraService. So, yes, you have to worry about Microsoft going out of business. I don't lose too much sleep worrying about this possibility.


No, I wouldn't be too worried about MicroSoft going under. More likely though is Microsoft simply dropping the service. Or most likely, that they turn it into a subscription service.


I've found Street Atlas to work quite well for overlaying recorded tracks. And if you don't want to mess around with the data CD, you can upload it to your harddrive, and use their Osmosis utility to direct the program to get the data from there. That makes for blazing fast map redraws, especially is you're used to the CDs or (worse) the net.

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