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Question about USAPhotoMaps


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I want to be able to download the satellite images at work, where I have very fast internet. Then I want to burn them to a disc and have with me on trips to use on my laptop. Is it possible to do this? How do i GO ABOUT IT IF IT IS?


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The absence of the ability to specify different data locations and to edit the data files have been the most missed features in my opinion. I'll never complain, though, because what the author is doing is marvelous, and deserves nothing but encouragement.


But there is a way to accomplish pretty much what you want. I assume you have a CD writer at work and can read CDs from your laptop.


Open the file called Advanced.txt in the USAPhotoMaps direrctory. Search down near the end to where it says “USAPhotoMaps can work with the photo data on a CD (or a different hard-drive partition).” Read on to learn the way to do it.




P.S. You can edit your posts (saving many apologies). It’s the little eraser icon on the lower right of the message.

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