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Downloading NAD Data to eTrex

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Is there any software available (besides expertgps) for downloading NAD27 waypoints to my eTrex??


I'm in a bind - I'll buy expertgps if I have too, but for a one time load I would rather not...


Thanks a bunch!

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Just curious....Why must it be NAD27? NAD27 can be converted to any other format you wish to use very easily, so I was wondering why you require this particular format?


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Your GPS does it for you. If you have coords that are in NAD27, set your GPS's Datum to NAD27 and put the coords in. If you have coords in WGS84, set your GPS's datum to WGS84 and input the coords, and then switch the Datum setting to NAD27 if you wish and your waypoints will be converted to NAD27. If you are messing with NAD83, it is virtually the same as WGS84, so don't worry about it.




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