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GPS/Cell phone

Guest Amy
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Guest will_m

It's nice but consider what you are getting. This is an analog phone. Most systems now are going to digital (ATT, Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, etc.) Second, if you were to get a GPS III+ that would run you about $280 (cheapest I found) and most places will give you a good Motorola or Nokia phone for about $20 or even free in some cases. The only advantage is only one thing to carry but at $400 I would rather have 2 separate items.





Now where the hell am I?

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Guest Quinnow

I agree with him...stick to what is already known as a fact. The GPS III Plus is considered to be the best gps unit going by some people, and in any case for less than 300.00 you will for certain be getting more than your money's worth. get a phone for about 20.00 and stick to a good gps unit with mapping like the gps III Plus.

i have one and love it like a family member..but then again I have been told I'm strange!



Quinn Stone

Rochester, NY.14616


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(SORRY: a tad off topic, I know)


I heard that there is a new sort of geocaching using cell phones and I wonder if THIS (Amy's link above) is the device that they are using.


I might have the details wrong, but it has something to do with receiving GPS coordinates onto your phone BUT you must be AT a particular lat/long combination before it will download to your phone.


Does that sound familiar (or intriguing) to anyone out there? Any more details available?


Nothing is foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

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