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WAAS Observation....

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For what it's worth....


This weekend while driving through the country side with my 76S wedged between the windshield and dash I noticed I had a strong lock on all 12 satelite slots with WAAS off. Accuracy 14ft.


So, I enabled WAAS to see how things might change.

To my surprise I again had a strong lock on all satelite banks with the little "D" locked onto all satelite banks. Accuracy 12 ft.


Again FWIW, I normally drive and cache w/o WAAS enabled.


Any observations or mis-statements on my part from our 'waas experts' ???


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I recently upgraded my Garmin GPS12 for the Legend and I've been getting the same thing.


Normally a full rack of sats with a "D". Range bounces between 12-14 ft.


A few cache finds over the weekend confirms the units accuracy.


I must say it, "I'm Impressed!" icon_smile.gif


~Honest Value Never Fails~

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