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Open Question to JFitzpat

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I'm asking this publically, since I figure maybe someone else knows... and also because I think other people may be interested in the answer.


Anyway, I really enjoy using the satellite photos on lostoutdoors.com... not only for actual navigation, but for entertainment as well.


In fact, one of the entertaining things I've found is that it is sort of a time-machine. I've printed a picture of my friends house while it is under construction. Also, the place where I used to work is under construction in the satellite photo.


Mostly, the outdated photos are accurate enough, and in some cases can provide some amusement to folks who know the area.


However, I'm curious, how often, if ever, is the satellite imagery updated?


Thanks for the site.



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Warm Fuzzies is correct, it is NAPP imagery. I'm trying to arrange for some watermarked color satallite imagery now, but that will primarily cover urban areas.


I've been trying for months to get Toporama to write back so I can include Canadian maps and images.



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Yeah, Canadian pics would have helped me out a great deal on a confluence I nabbed.


When we left the house, I had no idea what the terrain would be like. We even brought a kayak just in case.


Fortunately, I was able to get a topo of the area (or at least the area to the SW, since the confluence was precisely in the corner of four different maps) and determine that it was on dry land. From there, it was just a long drive and walk.



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