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help cache has been stolen

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Alternative One: You can log on the site and archive it.


Alternative Two: We have had a couple of caches plundered. On those, we retained the online cache name and description, replaced the original with a new container and contents, and just tweaked the coordinates on line, after moving the replacement cache to a nearby location much more difficult to spot. One of the stolen caches was submerged in a lake, and the other on the highest point in the State of Pennsylvania. Both remain in action since they were replaced.


Other alternatives undoubtedly exist.

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If you change the waypoint and hide it in a better spot remember to change the difficulty and terrain where applicible.




LASSITUDE- (noun) Tiredness and apathy: a state of weariness accompanied by listlessness or apathy[15th century. Via French from Latin lassitudo , from lassus 'weary'.]

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