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GPS on a mobile phone

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I've not come across this model but heard of a combined unit which the Russians planted with a rebel leader in a recent conflict.


When he switched it on, it logged his position and sent the coordinates to a missile which promptly homed in on him. Apparently the GPS/mobile wasn't the only thing destroyed.


Don't let me put anyone off having one . . . .


Dave & Nicky

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This is something I am VERY familiar with - I work for a company that makes them!


The combination of GSM mobile and GPS is quite common for in-car systems which are more commonly known a Telematics.


The idea is quite simple really. At the push of a button, a telephone call is established to a response centre which also receives an SMS with position, speed, direction etc. The response centre can then give location based services such as traffic information, directions to hotels, etc.


The most crucial thing of all is that many of these systems interface to the car's airbag, so in the case of an activation, a 999 call with your exact position is made. As you are all probably aware, the emergency services hate emergency calls from mobiles because some cell sites cover many square miles, and locating the accident can be tricky.


One example of this occurred in the US, where after an accident, the driver called the emergency services from her mobile stating she 'had come off the road and was hurt' She passed out during the call and unfortunatly the response teams arrived to late to save her.


I undertand that legislation is due to be passed in the US that requires ALL mobile phones to have some location based system built in. This could be GPS, or use some sort of triangulation system between the cellular base stations (very easy to do using the US CDMA system). It could be possible that this legislation makes it's way 'over the pond' if it proves to be successful. With the exception of the 'Big Brother' attitude, I personally don't think this would be a bad thing from a public safety point of view.


This means that there should be a whole host to phones equipped with GPS at some time in the future.


Team Tate


Remember - if it's moving, it's not dead...

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I've had Benefon Esc! for a year now. Compared to a normal GPS I find it very important to have the map included. I don't know if you are able to download Roadmaps, topographic maps, city maps or nautical maps to a normal GPS but with Esc! you can do that.


It really is a great help to see the area while trying to find a cache.


Don't think of the price just go and get it!



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