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One location, multiple stamps?

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I have a question regarding the creation of some waymarks.


I love collecting the National Park Passport stamps and the lighthouse stamps. Both of those have categories here. Sometimes I am at a location where there isn't yet a waymark, so I create it. :) The thing is, many of these locations host multiple stamps.


For example:


The Norwalk Seaport Association in Norwalk, CT hosts stamps for three local lighthouses. I am assuming that this is ONE waymark because it is one building. 


Fort Raleigh National Historic Site has multiple passport stamps. One is for the site itself, and one is for the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Most NPS sites have multiple stamps that commemorate the site, different aspects of the site, significant dates, etc. I've seen some entries for these places that have different waymarks listed for each stamp, which is a little odd to me because it's just one site. I know tons of locations can fit multiple categories, but that's not the same as my question. It reminds me of when I tried to create a new waymark for Disney's fireworks show and I was declined because the new show was at the same site as the prior show, and therefore I should just submit an edit to the person who posted the previous show to have them update it. The person who declined it said "You are marking the SITE here, not the individual show." 


So, since I was at the Norwalk Seaport this morning and collected the lighthouse stamps, should I create one waymark or three? What is the general guideline? 

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Personally, I would think you are Waymarking the stamp and not so much the location. Therefore, if there are multiple stamps then there should be multiple waymarks to cover each of those stamps. I'm not an officer in those categories, but maybe reach out to them and see what they say.

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