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Compass direction iOS vs Andoid

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I use the GC app with iOS. If I tap the compass icon two times, the map changed direction exactly as I move. So far so good.


I had to use the GC app on an android phone and thought this would work as well here. But its not working the same on android. The map moves but when I rotate the map does not follow this. I dont know if this is compass related or app related..?


I had another android and it has a little direction marker next to my position-dot-icon which only updates if I step a few steps in a direction. Thats not ideal either.


Can some android users share their experiences with this?


Thanks! :)

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This could be a limitation of the Android phones which you have tried.  The compass direction used to rotate the map comes from a magnetic sensor in the phone and not all Android phones have them, as I found to my cost! Back in 2019 I bought a Nokia 4.2 expecting it to have at least the same features as my daughter's much older Nokia 3.0 only to find my phone lacked the compass sensor.  The direction marker next to my position-dot-icon on the map does indeed only updates when I take a few steps - it's the only way it can deduce the direction you are moving, when your GPS location changes.  The Garmin eTrex range used to work like this as well, (if they don't still) because of the lack of a magnetic compass sensor.

I hope this helps.

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