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Working with landowners

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Originally posted by Icenians:

Now why does a polite response to a post with some facts about dealing with a council make someone an idiot?


Statistics show that those with the most birthdays live longest.


A polite response it was, yes.

A factual response too, yes.


But nevertheless, there are time when such a polite factual response is still not appropriate in a delicate scenario. I think Tim & June's reference to idiocy was becuase of *that*, and frankly I agree with them.


However, I would like to add that I think what was *done* was "idiotic", rather than to assert that those who *did* it were "idiots".


The former is to judge the action, and in my book preferable to the latter which is judging the person.


Is that clear for you all?




No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....

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