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Selling my personal collection of geocoins


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I'm selling my personal collection of geocoins. Fill free to contact. I ship worldwide. I have some for sale on ebay and also on facebook.


Geocoin Qtd Activated
10 Years Geocaching PT Silver (RE) 1 No
Caravela Descobrimentos Silver 1 No
Compass Rose Black 1 No
Compass Rose Red 1 No
Geocaching Leiria 1 No
Geocaching Leiria Gold 1 No
Geocoinfest Lisbon 2012 Black 1 Yes
Geocoinfest Lisbon 2012 Gold 1 Yes
GeoPT 1 Yes
Georibatejo 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Aten (Blue) 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Bast LE (Yellow) 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Duat (Black) 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Nepthys (Purple) 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Osiris (Green) 1 Yes
Lotus Compass Set (Red) 1 Yes
Love Love Figueira da Foz Black 1 No
Love Love Figueira da Foz Gold 1 No
Love Love Figueira da Foz Silver 1 No
Portugal 12-12-12 1 No
Portugal 2009 Camões Silver 1 Yes
Portugal 2012 Black (LE) 1 Yes
Portugal 2012 Color (RE) 1 Yes
Portugal 2013 Calçada Black (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2013 Calçada Silver (RE) 3 No
Portugal 2014 Azulejo Black (RE) 1 No
Portugal 2014 Azulejo Gold (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2015 Sardinha Gold (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2015 Sardinha Silver (RE) 1 No
Portugal 2016 Douro Gold (RE) 3 No
Portugal 2016 Douro Silver (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2017 Afonso Henriques Gold (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2017 Afonso Henriques Silver (RE) 1 No
Portugal 2018 Carretos Gold (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2018 Carretos Silver (RE) 3 No
Portugal 2019 Magalhães Gold (LE) 2 No
Portugal 2019 Magalhães Silver (RE) 6 No
Portugal 2020 Aljubarrota Gold (LE) 1 No
Portugal 2020 Aljubarrota Silver (RE) 3 No
Tag GeoPT Color 1 Yes
Tag GeoPT White 1 Yes



10 Years Geocaching PT Silver.jpg

Caravela Descobrimentos Silver.jpg

Compass Rose Black.jpg

Compass Rose Red.jpg

Geocaching Leiria Gold.jpg

Geocaching Leiria.jpg

Geocoinfest Lisbon 2012 Black.jpg

Geocoinfest Lisbon 2012 Gold.jpg



Lotus Compass Aten (Blue).jpg

Lotus Compass Bast LE (Yellow).jpg

Lotus Compass Duat (Black).jpg

Lotus Compass Nepthys (Purple).jpg

Lotus Compass Osiris (Green).jpg

Lotus Compass Set (Red).jpg

Love Love Figueira da Foz Black.jpg

Love Love Figueira da Foz Silver.jpg

Portugal 12-12-12.jpg

Portugal 2015 Sardinha Gold (LE).jpg

Portugal 2015 Sardinha Silver (RE).jpg

Portugal 2016 Douro Gold (RE).jpg

Portugal 2016 Douro Silver (LE).jpg

Portugal 2017 Afonso Henriques Gold (LE).jpg

Portugal 2017 Afonso Henriques Silver (RE).jpg

Portugal 2018 Carretos Gold (LE).jpg

Portugal 2018 Carretos Silver (RE).jpg

Portugal 2019 Magalhães Gold (LE).jpg

Portugal 2019 Magalhães Silver (RE).jpg

Portugal 2020 Aljubarrota Gold (LE).jpg

Portugal 2020 Aljubarrota Silver (LE).jpg

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