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Experienced cache hider creating first Wherigo.


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While there is a way to keep a message box open (tie into the message box button event so it shows the same message when the button is clicked to dismiss it), perhaps you could put an item in the player's inventory upon entering the zone.  The item's description would have the page of information.  This will also survive resuming a cartridge from saved state.


Download Uriwigo and give it a try.  Earwigo requires a user account and Kit won't keep a message box open or won't allow you to put an item into the player's inventory.


What you'd want to do is create one zone and one item.  On the zone entry or proximity event, move the item to the player, which puts it into the player's inventory.  You might want to show a message to the player to tell the player to check his or her inventory.  Or you could just show a message with the information and tell the player to view their inventory if they need to look at the message again.

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