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wigoLove - "I love place" Wherigo wizard


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I have created a webapp that can be used to create "I love place" Wherigo cartridges. It works on any OS and allows you to customize the cartridge in a few ways. You must not know Lua or any other programming language. You don't have to fight any Wherigo builder and don't need to understand the concepts of the cartridges (events, tasks, items, ...).


The app is lauched here:



The person who designs the cartridge just fills in the required data and then generates the GWZ file ready to be deployed on Wherigo.com. The resulting cartridge has been tested on Android and iOS devices.



  • setting the cartridge name, description, author, image and a starting point
  • adding as many "interesting" places as you wish by selecting them on the map
  • every place can have a name, description and an image
  • multilingual support (select the language by the buttons at the top and then download separate GWZ files for every language)
  • decide whether the zones should be visible from the beggining of the scenario or not
  • decide whether the zones should be shown to the user after completing the game
  • decide the required number of points that should be scored before showing the final cache coordinates
  • the final coordinates are not put as a plain text to the cartridge, which makes it harder to crack without solving
  • every change you make in the wizard is automatically saved in your browser, so don't worry about crashes
  • possibility to download a "JSON" file with all the data you have entered so you can import it in the future and generate again



  • modern browser
  • desktop screen (I didn't care about the mobile screen support for the wizard)


I relied on an existing cartridge created with Urwigo when designing the app.


I believe that I made the task of creating such scenarios much more available for anyone :-)

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You got me :-) I was sure this is the way of referencing this type of scenarios, but not everybody must have come across that, so.


This tool facilitates creation of scenarios that allows you to discover a place by visiting tourist zones. The cartridge should have them added and trigger where user enters them, showing a brief description of a place and giving some points for visiting it. When user collects the required number of points, the final geocache coordinates are revealed.


The list of all such Wherigos is collected here: https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM2HM4N



The last one is created by me, using the tool I provided.

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Oh, it's kind of like a two stage Lights Out kit I have.  You put all the zones in one group and say the player has to visit a certain number before the next zone group, which just has a final, is shown.  The main difference is the zones in the first group are hidden.  Okay, got it.


Someone in my area years back said they'd like to create a cartridge called "Where I Go" to show people where all the best toilets are.  Heh.

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In the wizard you can decide whether the zones are visible from the beginning or not. Therefore, it can be used to create "classic" scenarios where you have to discover the zones yourself or as a Wherigo guide where user sees the zones with "the best toilets" out there. The task remain valid, so it presents you the final coordinates when you collect the required number of zones.


The final coordinates are not saved as a zone, because they are too easy to find by inspecting the cartridge without solving it.

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