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Cache details on your mobile phone

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The phone is only a few months old.

By any chance, do you have access to a bluetooth or infrared equiped computer?.... you could transfer the midlet to the phone using this instead.


I have an Infra Red link to my PC. I've downloaded the midlet to my PC. Can you tell me how ot get it on the phone. I've got the Nokia PC suite 4.


Many thanks.



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Using your webbrowser, right hand click on these two links, and 'Save Target As..' to your desktop..... You need both of them.






Once these two files have come down, open the 'Nokia application installer' which is part of the Nokia suite. Activate Infrared on your phone, and position it near your infrared port. Hopefully the application installer will recognise your phone, and allow you to select it.


Once you've done this, open the .jad file using the app installer. It should then transfer the program to your phone...


Let me know how it goes.



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I discovered why why the midlet somtimes doesn't download to the 6310i....


A friend had the same problem as 4x4xFinch above, after a few hours messing with the settings, we found that one of the wap settings need to be changed:


Negotiate through the following screens on your phone.





'Edit active service settings',

'Session Mode'


If this is set to 'Temporary' this is what is preventing the midlet (or any midlet) from downloading..... Change it to 'Permanent'





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