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where's in a name S 22° 53.3

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You are both correct and lucky;

this parallel does indeed cross

right through the district of

Rio de Janeiro (in Brazil), and

better yet, also through Sao Paulo,

Parana' and Mato do Sul. And then

Paraguay, but I lack accurate maps

of that country.


Parana', Rio de Janeiro and most of

all Sao Paulo are some of the most

developed brazilian districts. That

is important and fortunate, since

quite a few cities close to that

parallel enjoy a sizable and resourceful



If I were you, I would send a message

to the appropriate yahoo groups and

ask for people from


Botucatu, SP (circa W48º 20')


Piracicaba, SP (circa W47º 40')


Americana, Sumaré, Hortolândia (all SP, circa W47º 10')


Campinas, SP (circa W47º and one of the most

academically inclined cities in the whole

country. If you must choose just one city,

this is probably the best bet)


Guaratingueta', SP (circa W45º 40)

Lorena, SP (ditto)


Rio de Janeiro has a very populated region

close to its capital (also named Rio de Janeiro)

and not too far from the desired parallel.

The cities applicable (all circa W43º 40') are

Rio de Janeiro, Queimados, Belford Roxo, Nova Iguacu, Duque de Caxias, Nilopolis and Sao Joao do Meriti.


You should not have too hard a time

finding a volunteer with a GPS among

these cities. In fact, I would suggest

you tell them about the Yellow Jeep cache

while you are at it.




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