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Feature Updates Requested: AL app

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A couple things I learned while on my Geowoodstock road trip this year: 
1. Did you realize that the 'find my location' button in the top right of the Adventure Lab app screen is underneath the map options button.......however, on the Official Geocaching app it is directly inverse with the location being on top of the map options?   This became really frustrating as I was toggling between the two apps, hitting the map options button when I wanted to hone in on my location. If this could be consistent between the two apps that would be fantastic.
2. Could we PLEASE get a list option in the Adventure Lab app? As I planned my trip, I found several ALs that I wanted to complete in the areas I was planning to visit. But once I got to that area, I had to re-locate the ALs because there is no list option like we have with the Geocaching app.
I know there are some changes coming to the Adventure Lab app soon, so maybe you have read my mind in advance. If not, please take these into consideration.  
For reference, I am playing on an ANDROID: Samsung Galaxy 10
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