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FEATURE REQUEST - Permanent access to "CONGRATULATIONS" message


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Currently, when you successfully complete all stages of an Adventure, you get a "Congratulations" message like the one in the attached screenshot. This is like a version 8f the digital "souvenirs" we earn on the main Geocaching platform.


However, this screen only stays visible until you close it. After that there is no way to view this message again.


Like many people, I like this message and take screen shots (almost always) to save the image (for what's er purpose...different people have different reasons).


My feature request is the ability to show this screen "on demand" in the AL app, any time after the Adventure has been completed.


Alternately, have an "Adventures Souvenirs" page in my GC stats, similar to the Souvenirs tab that currently exists, where a history of these "congratulation' screens can be reviewed.


Another variation could be having these "congratulation" messages appear (or a link to individual ones appear) when I review Adventures via labs.geocaching.com/logs 


Thanks for the consideration.


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