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Event Cache / Party

Guest Peter Scholtz

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Guest Peter Scholtz

I think we'll do this when we see some more activity. There's currently about 6-8 groups/people caching in Cape Town. Most seldomly.


I've got 500 geocaching booklets I need to distribute. Let's hope that helps ...


When we can at least get 10 people together then I'm keen for an event cache.



Peter Scholtz


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Guest Raymond E

Hi Peter, Have only just discovered the forum and come across your invitation / suggestion. I'm OK for January. Now all we need is another 8 people! How can I get some of these booklets you refer to? Raymond E

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Guest Raymond E

I've only discovered this site - and I'm struggling! No matter what I do, usernames, passwords etc etc, none of my messages ever appear. Tried this in November and now again. Must be doing something wrong! Anyway, to try again, January 2002 is OK for me. With Guy and Peter, it appears we need another seven people (do wives, partners and girl friends count?) When I go searching for caches I have eight bearers to carry gps, compass, maps, food & drink, tent, mosquito net, stretchers, Coleman lamps etc, can they attend?

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