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Load onto Garmin 62s


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2 hours ago, brushog65 said:

how do I transfer pocket ques to my Garmin 62s?


After your PQ has run, download the zip file and extract the two gpx files, one for the caches themselves and the other containing any waypoints those caches might have. Then connect your 62s to your computer, where it should appear as a removable drive. Copy the the gpx files to the folder Garmin\GPX.




There are other ways, but that's the most direct and doesn't require any special tools.

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First, new to using these apps and devices for geocaching, so...

I ran a PQ request and received an email with the results, giving two options.

The first is to "View results" which takes me to the geocaching app (on a windows PC) and a list of the 20 geocaches that met the criteria I set.  At the top of the list is the following: 

20230718 Geocache Route Test Edit Gallery  Map this Location  Search Again

If I choose "Download now" I again go to the app to "Your Pocket Queries;" a bit down the screen is a table with these tabs:

How do I move the active PQ to be ready for download?

I want to download it to my Garmin Oregon 450t GPS, and also to my phone.  I'm combining geocaching with cycling,  so it would be really cool to use my Garmin Edge 1030 somehow.

Thanks for any help and advice!!

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Hi Picklesj,  If you’ve clicked on the words “Download Now” in the email, you should find that is enough to put the PQ file into the Downloads folder in your PC.   Open the Downloads folder in File Explorer in Windows 10, and your PQ should be at the top of the list as a .zip file (may have to sort by Date Modified if it’s not at the top).  Double-click on the zip file name and a new window will open in which are shown the two .gpx files (as referred to in the 28 July post above).  Now you can copy those two gpx files into your handheld GPS as described in that post.


SECOND method (if needed) :   The above seems to work reliably for me but if you find that clicking Download Now in the email is only taking you to the “Your Pocket Queries” page without putting the file in the downloads folder :   Go down the Your Pocket Queries page to the link “Pocket Queries ready for Download” which should then have a 1 in the brackets after it.  Click on that link, a box appears under it with the PQ name in.  Click on the PQ name and that should download the zip file into the Downloads folder.


These ways seem to work OK for me with my Garmin 62S, but please come back if any further queries.  I can't help about using the phone I'm afraid as I only use the Garmin.

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