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coordinates (data entry) - feature/bug request


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after all those years - would be possible to fix (upgrade) the way we work, witch coordinates .. not sure if I should call it bug or feature request


just look at google maps (or any major online map system) .. you can use any of the following

- N 49°6.21858', E 17°12.95968'
- N 49°6.21858' E 17°12.95968'

- N 49° 6.21858' E 17° 12.95968'
- 49°6'13.115"N, 17°12'57.581"E

- 49.1036431N, 17.2159947E



Doesnt matter the spacing, comma in the middle, or different versions of GPS settings .. it can work with it .. SO I AM QUITE CURIOUS WHILE GEOCACHING CANT .. AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS .. ACCEPT THAT????


for example if you are creating cache/even it can work with something like N 49°6.21858', E 17°12.95968' but when you EDIT you have to follow the exact form N 49° 06.224 E 017° 12.972 (N "gap" 49 "gap" 06.224 "gap and no comma in between" E "gap" 017 "gap" 12.972) and you have to follow it exactly .. seriously??? after all those years and you couldn't fix that?

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