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Parking place coordinates to cache description

Captain Morgan
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Originally posted by Cholo:

I don't have an opinion on the subject. I did notice that there have been 24 views of this thread and is the only one that hasn't been rated in the Nordic forum. It's now 0551 UTC 22/Aug/03. Maybe this will help in the search for the "Mysterious Rater"? icon_biggrin.gif

I'm pretty certain about the identity of MR.icon_wink.gif (Still not rating here btw.)


As for the topic: Generally the idea is good. The less there is unnecessary driving when searching the good parking space the better. It saves gas and thus the nature and poor geocacher's money. However instead of parking coordinates I've mostly just given driving directions verbally on the cache report page. I somehow find it easier to navigate my way to the parking place with verbal instructions, since the coordinates only tell me the direction and the bee line distance, not the route there. I'm also often too lazy to enter the parking coordinates separately to the GPSr.icon_razz.gif


Perhaps the best option would be verbal directions and parking coordinates? An option for everyone.


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Well, the same goes for the nearest bus stop. We (Jyrki and I) should probably add some experiences on bus travelling and link bus/train connections on the cache info. We have carried out a high percentage of the searching trips by using public transportation. For example, if you travel from Helsinki to find Jokioinen Estate you probably have to take an express bus to Forssa, and then catch a bus going to Turku or Rauma and get off at Jokioinen, at the parting of the ways. Ask the driver if you don't know where to get off. Then there is a couple of kilometers hike to the searching area icon_cool.gif


We'll think about the idea...!



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The parking place coordinates make for me the cache hunting easier. Normally I plot the coordinates of the cache(s) on the digital maps at home and plan the driving and walking routes generally at home. Good example of the parking place coordinates' help was the cache Vainovalkea.


You also minimize disturbing local people if you know where to park the car.

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