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GPS unit to buy

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I am an old cacher, returning to caching, in Canada. I need to buy a decent GPS, but am not finding much information on line about a good unit. My criteria includes paperless caching and perhaps a touch screen. Does anyone have some reccomendations for me ,in Canada?

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The only touch screen gpsr in production is the Garmin Montana series, quite large and quite pricey.  The Oregons, Dakotas, and Etrex 25, 35 all have been discontinued. Garmin I guess decided there is no market for touchscreeen anymore now that most geocachers use a cellphone. All units made in the past 12 years plus have paperless geocaching. 


That said, if you can find a good used Oregon 7xx series, that will work perfectly for geocaching if you must have touchscreen.


Now if you don't need touchscreen and want a new GPSr unit, probably the Garmin GPSMap series 64s is all you need. There are 65, 66, 67 that are more pricey . The Garmin etrex 22x is still being sold if you need a budget GPSr that is under $200. 



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