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Need Kiwi geocacher to participate in virtual cache

Team A&M
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Looking for a fellow geocacher to do "Sisters" cache (GC4226) with us. If you check the cache site you will see that we need to exchange photos of Sister Cities (East Hutt, NZ & Mesa, AZ) to log the cache. We are looking for someone with a digital camera to email us a picture of themselves at Upper Hutt, and we will email them a picture of us at Mesa, Arizona. Amy & Michael (Team A&M)

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We see that our post has been read by a number of people, but have had no responses. Would this be an indication of lack of interest? No one lives near East Hutt? Or...have we not given it enough time? You do not have to be a resident of the sister cities to do the cache, if that has put anyone off. Wished we could come down there and do that end, then come home and do this end.

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Just can't believe how easy it is to confuse East and Upper. You know, like night and day (so similar).

No wonder I did not get any responses right off, sorry for the confusion. Upper Hutt is indeed, the sister city of Mesa, Arizona, where we live.

We would like very much to do this cache with you Gav if your willing. We will take a picture of one of us with a city welcome sign (or city hall if we cannot find a welcome sign) along with the lat/lon (and caption) and email it to you through geocaching.com.

Michael, Team A&M (bajaxplorer@netscape.net)

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