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Bug: Message Center Will Not Scroll

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Over the past several weeks, I have been attempting to catch up on messages. Up until this weekend, I had no issues navigating the message center in Chrome. Now, only my most recent 7 messages will display as pictured (removed message text from screenshot) and the scroll will not load. This is occurring in Chrome on a desktop computer, Chrome on my android phone, and Microsoft Edge on my desktop computer. I know the other, older messages still exists as through the app as I have access to all of them and can scroll through them. The app though does not enable me to hide conversations I have reviewed and no longer need to see, so that is not a viable work around for me.


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One thing that I just tried seems to have resolved the issue. I toggled the show hidden messages (which loaded way more than I needed) which reenabled the scroll feature. I untoggled it to re-hide the truly hidden messages and now have access to everything. Didn't see that as an option prior to posting, but if anyone runs into this issue in the future, that seemed to work for me.

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