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ADVENTURE App does not accept correct answer


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APP Vers. 1.3.44 Android 11 OS

I have reoccuring issues playing ADV.LABs in the following sequence

1.activate ADV.Lab (including mobile connectivity and GPS-Connectivity set to -- ON)

2. choosing an active ADVenture and a question/station  in reach

3. seeing the ADV station question

4. loosing Internet and / or GPS Connection  (for example in subway-station)

5. entering a solution with a 'typing error'  with a non existing connection (Step 4)

6. immediate reply / action of the ADV-APP :  Solution is false

7. repeating correct answer in ADV-APP:  CORRECT you need to have an internet connection to submit your reply.

8. repeating correct answer (few hours later. Location: at HOME / WLAN ON / GPS OFF )   result : Solution is false


How I can submit the correct answer to the HOST-GC-system and not getting blocked ?

Activity sequence might vary like this: Step 1 to 7 equal, than  8_1: entering WRONG solution / Solution is false, followed by 8_2 entering RIGHT solution / Solution is false

Hint: In case there has been NO typing error (Step 5 !)  the result für Step 8(b) is  CORRECT !


there are no attached files to this ticket. The correct solution is validated by the identical set-up in the Mobile-phone of my husband.


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