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Guest Olar

Did Santa Cause This?

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Guest Olar

Has anyone noticed a healthy increase in geocaching recently in Ontario? I was getting worried back in the fall but lately activity has really taken off. Here are caches HIDDEN by month stats:

  • July/00..... 1 cache (1st - still not found)
  • Feb/01..... 2
  • Mar..... 3
  • Apr..... 13
  • May..... 13
  • June..... 29
  • July..... 23
  • Aug..... 27
  • Sept..... 14
  • Oct..... 13
  • Nov..... 8
  • Dec..... 23
  • Jan/02..... 37 (with 8 days left)

I think this is great. Hope the trend continues.


Happy Caching, Olar


[This message has been edited by Olar (edited 23 January 2002).]

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Guest 300mag

Exactly what i've noticed. I remember last spring the only cache in the area was Meach lake pressure cooker. Since then they have multiplied.We even had to split them by provinces.My cache the "CREATURE..." has had a log or two almost every weekend since it's been stashed. This weekend alot more are going to be posted after the round-up cool.gif

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Guest Jeepingnet

I know once summer comes I've got a few cachs planned. Those states are cool could be or two reasons I can think of


A. People got GPS's for xmas


B. People had time off


Seams kinda odd to be hiding cachs this time of year cause in the spring it could be so much different, like obvously in the open or something. But still cool and keep up the good work everyone

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Guest LoCache

Funny to see this happening. I think you hit it on the head....I was in Kingston for Christmas and there was only ONE anywhere nearby. The week after they were popping up everywhere!


Nice to see...can't wait to get back there again.


Have fun!


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