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Hey, my name was on CBC radio about Geocaching

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At work today some co-workers said "hey, your name was on CBC radio today". Apparently, CBC Radio did a spot on Geocaching in the Sudbury, Ont area. They located a cache I had found last year and read some of the names in the log. Usually, I don't sign my real name but this one I did.


Did anyone else hear this show? I wonder if they will air it again?


Every hour spent geocaching is added to the end of your life

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Goto my log entry and you will see a link to my webserver to listen to an MP3 of it. The story is about 8 mins long and 4 Mb. Sorry about the buzzing, but its the best I can do. Maybe I will get a better audiofile when Markus@cbc returns from holidays.


The cache waypoint is GCC4A. Markus Schwabe from CBC Morning North came along and wanted to do a story. They were doing a bunch of series on uses for GPSr's in Northeastern Ontario.

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