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WA Geocachers. New Caches Comming Soon !!!


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Devar And Myself are in the process of Creating roughly 10 - 15 New Geocaches. These Caches will be in all areas of The South West of WA From Perth To Possibly Marg River, Wait and You will see !!!!


Daniel (wot)


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The recent cold wet weather has slowed things down a bit but we are looking forward to any new caches that are out there.Just have to find a few suitable containers and some stuff that is worthy to put in them and we will drop another couple. One will be a cave up in the hills behind Gosnells if we can find a way into the place that doesnt include going on private land. stay tuned for that one....Lyn Pat and Nathan

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Not a cache-hunter i'm a caver, while i'm not here to spoil your fun or anything just to ask that you are careful when in caves.


I have found three of your caches in caves so far and in the caves that i found them in i also found destruction of extreamly fragile cave life and significant damage to the cave itself. I don't blame anyone here but i'd just like people to be very careful when entering these areas.


Please don't light fires in caves, not even candles. The smoke kills cave life and threatens the cave itself. Tempreature causes collapses in caves please be careful.


Tread softly, most cave life is very small (<3mm) and often can't be seen easily. We have three unique species in the caves at yanchep that are extreamely endangered a careless step could kill an entire species.


Please don't explore caves on your own, contact a caver and they will be happy to show you around the cave safely.


Lastly please don't leave rubbish in caves.


I'd like to request no candles, matches, lighters, or food products in caches in caves.


Thanks. I appreciate your help.


PS A warning Entering a cave without the land owners permission, leaving anything in a cave or damageing a cave is illegal. Now unlike some other cavers i believe everyone should be allowed to visit caves and welcome people to do so but be very careful of leaving evidence that people have visited especially since the caves in question are monitored monthly.


Have fun folks, but please becareful. icon_smile.gif

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