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Guest embi

Disappointing cache finds? or just normal?

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Guest embi

I've found and hidden a few caches now and have just spent two days in Melbourne. We found a total of 6 caches and they were very good. They were well hidden and we had a great time exploring some of the areas that we discovered on our hikes. The only thing that annoyed me was that when we did find the caches there was nothing of any value to swap. It makes me wonder why this is. Is it because these caches have been found so many times that they get plundered? Is it because people dont care what goes in? We had some great things to put in, whistles, torches, packs of cards, etc and decided not to leave or take anything because of the things that where in the caches. I actually prefer the hunt but my 4yr old neice and 5yr old nephew love the chance to swap something. Its disappointing when the kids have something good to swap and there's only things like Mc'Donalds coupons inside.

Of all the country caches I've found there is always a wide range of things to be found.

Has any one else discovered this?

Just wondering! icon_smile.gif


(We actually finished the day off at a country cache and found some great stuff...and we did some swapping icon_smile.gif )


It's out there...let's go get it!


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Guest Choberiba

Nothing worth trading


I've seen examples of this in many of the caches I've found.


About the only thing you can do is leave better stuff than you take and concentrate on the fact that it's about the hunt, not about the find.


Trying to explain this to a four year old is a different matter entirely.


Actually, my four year old daughter likes most of the things I bring home better than I do.


When I place a cache, I try to make the contents interesting to older-than-kids without completely ignoring the chewing-gum set. Placing a bag of balloons in with say a USB cable seems to work well.

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