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An idea for a nice book ..


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Being a migraine patient for the last 2 years now, I haven’t done as much cache seeking as I like to .. but we (my cousin & I) were lucky enough to bag in 7 stashes in about a week, two weeks ago. I even managed to hide the first cache in Bahrain last week.


Looking back at all those trips and thinking about them, it occurred to me that every journey could be a chapter in a book. I’m sure you have so many stories to tell .. at least one per trip. I only logged a few but some of you have logged dozens .. choose your best .. you have the starting/ending points for each (even in numbers, what could be better). You have some pictures that go along (perhaps even video, but will not use that unless you’re thinking of a documentary on discovery channel) .. put it all together and you have the groundwork for a nice book on outdoor activity, camping ..etc (you got manuscript with pics, details, stories, coordinates; all documented). You can keep all this fun to family/kids or go public with it & publish it. Any readers interested.. a lot.


Anyway just an idea.

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Oops. Someone thought that Scarinian related to a true character and when they learned the truth suggested a book of Scarinian adventures based around the caches. I think that would be a little hard for some Saudi-baggers to swallow. Perhaps your idea would be best incorporated into our own web site and take it from there.


Certainly our caches are being used by more deserteers looking for site coordinates and that can't be bad and at least two groups have become casual players as a result. Shame this will only last until the new releases of guide books which now include co-ordinates.

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