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I need a recommendation from some Singapore cachers.


I will be visiting in a few weeks on business. I'll have a couple of hours free on a Sunday afternoon and would like to visit a cache or two. Virtuals are fine. I won't have a chance to go very far or get very adventurous. I'd prefer to find caches within walking distance.


I've looked at all the caches online but have to admit that I don't know anything about Singapore or where to go. I'm in a hotel somewhere near the Hard Rock Cafe near Orchard Rd???? Excuse if this is unclear, my secretary hasn't given me my complete itinerary yet. I think the hotel is The Regent.


Any recommendations?




Now where did I park my car??????? monkes.gif

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I hope you get this in time. I only got onto the forums today.


Last Monday I was in Singapore and was able to do three caches in less than two hours. These were:


Singapore's First

The Poor Guy



I could've done Urban Valley too (it's very near Singapore's First) but I didn't have the printout with me and had no idea what to look for.


On Orchard Boulevard, take Bus 77 all the way to the Bukit Timah Road. This is the bus that passes by the Botanic Garden, but you want to go beyond that first. If you see a Cold Storage building across a commercial center while you're on 6th avenue, take the stop after that. You should be near both Urban Valley and Singapore's First.


From there take Bus No. 77 back the way you came, and stop at the start of a flyover. That's where Poor Guy is, just across the bus stop.


From Poor Guy, take any bus that will bring you to the Botanic Garden. That is where Rain Forest is. Time it so you'll be at the Botanic Garden late in the afternoon. See my log.


From the Botanic Garden, take any bus that will take you back to Orchard Road. I took Bus No. 77 all the way.


On Orchard Road, you can go to Greenery in Town. This is between the Dhoby Ghaut and the Somerset MRT Stations.


Have fun!

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