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Map Software for Japan

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Hi there,

we will be travelling to Japan this September and besides for Geocaching we would also like to use our GPSRs for orientation. We have a GPSMAP 76 and a Meridian, both are equipped to used extra Mapping Software. To my knowledge there is very little Software awailable both on Mapsend and Mapsource. I only know of the Worldwide Basemaps both of them have. These are not so detailed as we need them.

I travel to Asia often and have that problem all the time.

What do you use throught Asia? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance


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thanks a lot for this hint.

I usually don't download software just like that for security reasons, but with this one I could not resist.

It is in deed much more detailed and helps quite a bit, so thanks!

Still I wish Garmin or Magellan would come up with something that show large cities down to street level, as they do in the States...Especially in Japan this could be sooo useful.


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This is great! I travel to Japan once a year, or so, on business. I travel through Osaka. I spend quit a bit of my time in and around Nagoya. Do you know where I could find some Garmin maps, besides the world map, for Japan? I'd like to see something like what you made available for the southern third of Japan. Is anything like that available?


I also have an IPAQ PPC. Do you know of any PPC mapping applications and Japan maps for a PPC?





And to think that I once had trouble finding my own "@@@" with both hands...

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thanks for the info on the software. I actually managed to find it in a store in Osaka, but the Sales guy insisted it would not work with my European version and I thus decided I would not take the risk to buy it, as the price was quite high too.

Too bad.

I'm still looking for Asian software for either my Merigold or my GPSMAP76.

Now my major concern in China though. It's frustrating to work with the basemap only, I left my GPS at home the last couple of times.

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I'm in Okinawa, and will be for the next several years. I have the Garmin GPSmap 60CS but have been unable to locate any maps of Okinawa. The map of the Tokyo area is great, and duing my short visits there will be put to good use, but does anyone know where I can get detailed maps of Okinawa or all of Japan? I would even be willing to settle for maps in Japanese if need be. My GPS is the American version, so any maps that will not conflict would be appreciated.

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I have a Japanese mapping software that I use for my iPAQ

I also have maps for the whole of Japan

but I think they will only install on Japanese windows and PPC

I haven^t tried it on an English system since I bought all my stuff in Japan and I was unable to install an English operating system on my PC

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I have been doing mapping of Japan on my own in the Iwakuni area now for a month or so. It's a tedious process using the software Mapedit and Sendmap. Then I upload it to my Garmin GPS and go. I've gotten about a 5 mile radius around Iwakuni and some a bit further out where I've wanted to have maps. I am using overlays to the map site:




Only down side is the way you have to calibrate the maps. The Mapion site uses Tokyo datum and most of us are using WGS84, so the locations end up being off on the web page. I'm working on a conversion script to make it work from the Geocaching.com sites directly to Mapion.


Cache Location


That cache location actually shows about 100 meters off from where the cache actually ius. It gets you in the general direction though.



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By downloading maps from map.yahoo.co.jp, tediously stitching them together using ULead PhotoImpact, then geo-referencing them using Memory-Map Navigator (www.memory-map.com), I now have 1:75000 and 1:50000 maps of the area bouded by 37° 35' N and 34° 0' N, 141° 04' E and 134° 13' E (which is about as much area - or more - as I am likely to be able to cover on my upcoming trip) as well as 1:21000 maps of greater Tokyo (covering about 35 caches in this area) I could do the whole country at this scale if I had enough time and energy but it doesn't seem worth the effort. They are large files but will work happily in Memory-Map on both the PC and PPC and anyone who cared to could probably make them work in other tools. While there might be a copyright issue with providing them to anyone else (so don't ask) I would be happy to share, privately, the technique I used to create them, since use for one's own purpose is acceptable under the "fair use" provisions of the copyright act.

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Yes there is now Mapsend Topo Japan - just released for Magellan Units. You can find details at the site below. (in Japanese), or ask me as I have a copy of the software. ~tom



Any idea where I can get a copy from? On line if possible.


The Magellan Mapsend Topo Japan can be purchased from Magellan Japan






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I just started with this stuff and this probably won't apply to everyone, but this looks like the right place to post. If you have some Japanese reading ability and a Japanese PDA/Smartphone (I have a Softbank X01T for example... aka Toshiba G900 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone in the rest of the world)


I have a copy of Super Mapple Digital v7 which includes "Pocket Mapple Digital v7". With my "OnCourse" Bluetooth GPS, and this software, I am doing pretty good. There are some issues with the GPS and signal in the tokyo corridors, but out in the open it seems to work alright.


Mapple came out with a new version of their software last year. If I get into this stuff I may pick it up. If you want to read about it (and can read Japanese), here is a link.




Again, the UI for the software is all in Japanese, so you will have to have at least some Japanese reading ability. For Pocket Mapple Digital v8 there is a feature enabling English display of landmarks on the maps, but the software menus themselves are still Japanese I think. I haven't used it yet, so I can't say for sure.


For PocketMapple v7, the whole map set (for all of Japan) was about 800mb. For all the big cities, this includes quite a bit of detail.


You can get the software at pretty much any of the big box software shops in Tokyo or online for about 11,000 yen (~$100).


If you don't need real time tracking some of the Google Earth and Live Maps (Microsoft) interface software seems to work alright.

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