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Caches in Vienna


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Hi everyone,

We're taking a trip to Vienna and Salzburg Austria at the end of the month. My 11 year old granddaughter and I are geocachers and would like to do some "safe" ones in or around the city. I saw the webcam one at Johan Strauss so we will do that one. Any other suggestions?


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I recommend that you repost your inquiry in the

German speaking forum (it does not matter if you write English) and, if you have access to newsgroups, also in alt.rec.geocaching.

I guess that all caches in and around Vienna are safe, but some of them require longer hikes, and

you do not mention if you are used to longer hikes.


If you write more specifically for which type of

caches you are searching, the local cachers

from Vienna might be able to help you. I have not

yet visited one of the Viennese caches myself.

Some of the shorter caches in Vienna are Squirrel's Treasure, Jubilaeumskisterl

and Cordon Bleu. Perhaps have a look at one of them and then search for the closest. Many of the logs are in English and so you might be able to

make a first selection.


Happy caching in Austria


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Short caches are:

Spooky Pot is a very nice cache in an old cementary.

Vienna Sightseeing leads you through the old town of vienna, but can be difficult to retrieve since it´s hidden in a quit crowded place (better try this early and on weekdays)

Jubiläumskisterl and Cordon Bleu are very close together and offer a nice view over the city.

Heaven (just make sure before you know the difference between latitude and longitude)

Heaven is near is hidden one a very nice spot over northern Vienna, you could start 'The Shortest Distance' or 'On Top of Vienna' from there (both require some hiking)

Vienna South is hidden on a very nice plain over Southern Vienna.

The Rest are, as cezanne has already said, longer hikes but with the exception of 'MDKS' suitable for all ages.

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Hi gebu and cezanne,

We just returned from Austria and completed 2 caches. One was the Webcam which almost doesn't count but we had to pay for the phone call to the USA to get someone to record us, so I guess we'll take credit.


We did Jubilaumskisterl on the way to visit some friends in Gablitz. It was fabulous. Thanks for recommending it. Didn't have time to do Cordon Blue even though it was close by.


We also spent a LOT of time doing Vienna sightseeing. Had trouble with the math on Stage 3. But it took us all around the city to places that we were visiting anyway. Unfortunately we couldn't claim it because when we got to the end, we couldn't find the Micro cache!! We spent an hour and 1/2 looking for it the day before we left. (we had searched twice before for about 1/2 hour each). Needless to say my granddaughter (she's 11) was very disappointed but I told her it's for the fun and we can claim 2 international caches now.


Thanks for your advice.

-- Carol

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