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New adventures inc. is now up and running. it is a place similar to this but you can post freely and talk to each other. at adventures inc. there are only a few members we are geocachers and we have our own geocaching club. where we set up a prize and race to the cache. some of the members of the club are SEARCH and RESCUE officers and

CASARA{ civilain air search and rescue assoc.} pilots and spotters. each team consists of 2 ground crew and two air crew.. this is so that the air crew can be part of the find.. the ground crew retrieves the cache and shares the prizes with there counter part who is part of the air crew..

this comes in handy to find a deep woods cache hiding spot.

and it can be used for training purposes.. for the ground crew and the air crew to work together

the last cache that i hid was a mock plane crash

that i set up in the heavy woods. i placed the cache in the back section of the plane. only a few knew what to look for. the other members got a great surprise out of this.

it contained a bottle of champane, a trip to the international airshow in shearwater NS. two night accomadation at one of the islands great resorts.

i know that not all caches are big and fancy but it doesnt hurt to have a big one once and awhile..

the rest of the players that did n't find the cache first... joins the rest of us to plan the next cache spot and free camping..but most of us are friends and very seldom squable with each other over this.. At the year end i host a year ender party!!

if you have any of your adventures that you would like to share or any great ideas on making a big cache. join up with the Adventures_inc. club


who knows you could start one of them in your area. so if you would like to even check it out here's the addy:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adventures_inc

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